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Whether you’re keeping drinks cool at a family party or keeping food at a safe temperature in a restaurant environment, ice is foundational to bringing lots of people together. At Cool Breeze Ice Machines, we’re proud to offer a collection of all kinds of ice machines, so you can find the perfect kind to match your needs and the space in your kitchen. Check out our online collection now to choose between undercounter, countertop, residential, and commercial-grade ice maker appliances and ice bins!

We offer a wide variety of ice machines:

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Why Ice Machines Are Essential

Conventional logic has long considered ice maker machines an unnecessary luxury. No longer! With today’s technology and streamlined designs, ice maker appliances have become essential for bars, restaurants and businesses in the hospitality industry, and a valuable asset for homeowners that love to entertain guests.

At Cool Breeze Ice Machines, we’re proud to offer the latest and greatest models from Manitowoc, one of the top ice maker manufacturers in the world. We only offer high-quality ice maker appliances we would use ourselves, and with a wide selection of models for commercial and residential use, we're sure you’ll be able to find a model of the perfect size and type for your needs. Read on to learn what makes ice machines so important for hosting a great party and operating a successful bar or restaurant.

Ensure A Great Customer Experience

If you’re the owner of a hotel, bar, or restaurant, a high-quality ice maker machine is key to ensuring your guests have the best experience possible. Service quality is what makes or breaks your business — if your business doesn’t have the capacity to offer ice to every customer that needs it during rush periods, you’re compromising the quality of your service. If your food is having difficulties staying cool and passing temperature checks for food safety due to the malfunction of another appliance, having more ice capacity can ensure that you have enough ice around to preserve those ingredients and save you from losing money from throwing out food. Having an ice maker machine is imperative to ensuring your service quality stays at its peak in a volatile, ever changing industry where no day in the business is the same.

Enhance Speciality Drinks

For owners of high-end bars and cocktail parlors, a high-quality ice maker machine is particularly crucial for business. Cocktails and other speciality drinks are an intricate art that require high-quality ice cubes in order to truly taste as exquisite as they can. Any cocktail veteran knows that ice plays an integral role in the preparation of a quality cocktail, and that low-quality ice can ruin the flavor and experience of a cocktail, reflecting negatively on your business. At Cool Breeze Ice Machines, we only offer ice maker appliances of the highest caliber. Most models have built-in features to guard against ice sweat and other factors that can degrade the quality and taste of your ice.

Increase Your Hosting Capabilities At Home

Ice Maker Machines are also convenient for use at home. Most refrigerators these days can produce their own ice, but did you know that they’re far less efficient than dedicated ice maker machines? If you frequently entertain guests at your home, check out the residential ice makers we offer at Cool Breeze Ice Machines. They use far less water and energy than your fridge to produce superior ice cubes. Order one of our machines for an upgrade in quality you can taste.

Streamline Ice Needs In Healthcare

Ice maker machines are valuable in more than just commercial and domestic applications. Did you know that hospitals rely on a constant stock of ice for different uses? Many healthcare institutions depend on third-party companies to produce the ice they need on a daily basis, which is financially imprudent and leaves hospitals at risk of running out on their busiest days.

Ice maker machines can help hospitals become more financially independent and allow hospital staff to produce an unlimited stock of ice whenever they need it.

What To Consider When Choosing An Ice Maker Machine

Now that you’re aware of the value that ice maker machines can provide your home or business, let’s discuss the main factors you should consider when choosing a specific model of ice maker machine for your home or business. There are a number of factors that should inform your purchasing decisions to ensure you get the right type and size of ice maker machine to efficiently meet your needs.

Size/ Ice Production Capacity

When searching for a new ice maker machine for your home or business, it’s paramount that you choose a model that meets your ice production capacity needs. If you’re unsure of what your ice production needs are, try measuring your or your business’ daily ice usage over the course of a week or two. That will give you a better idea of your typical usage and accompanying production capacity needs. If you’re still unsure, or no machine’s capacity meets your needs to a T, select an ice maker machine with a capacity a little more than your needs. Don’t go overboard, though — buying an ice maker that produces significantly more ice than you need is inefficient and will take up more space and increase your water and power bills more than is necessary. So try to be as exact as possible when evaluating ice maker machines to meet your ice production capacity needs, but buy a little more capacity than you need if you can’t find an exact match.

Plumbing Compatibility

Ice maker machines require a constant supply of water, so it’s fundamental to your success that you choose a model that is compatible with your home or business’ existing plumbing fixtures. Buying an incompatible or mismatched ice maker machine opens you up to a number of risks, including undersized ice cubes and leaky inlet valves. If you buy an ice maker machine that’s incompatible with your restaurant’s plumbing, you also run the risk of failing your next health inspection if they notice the error.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you’ll need to place whatever ice maker machine you select near a floor drain so it can collect any excess water the machine may exude. If you don’t have a floor drain in your home or establishment and need to learn how to connect a drain to your plumbing infrastructure, contact your city’s utilities department or check the building codes for your region.

Ice Machine Type

Choosing the right type of ice maker machine is less important for domestic users, as your main concerns when choosing a residential ice maker for at-home use are its size, production capacity, and plumbing compatibility. However, for restaurants, choosing the right kind of ice maker is crucial for ensuring you have enough ice to meet your needs during busy shifts. There are three primary types of ice maker machines: modular, undercounter, and countertop.

Modular Ice Maker Machines

Modular ice makers, which are also known as ice machine heads, are a type of ice maker machine that’s designed to be placed on top of an ice bin, which are sold separately. Most models of modular ice machines can produce between 250 and 1,000 pounds of ice per day, and are a common choice for large cafeterias and businesses that package ice for retail sale. We’re proud to offer several types of Manitowoc modular ice maker machines at Cool Breeze Ice Machines, including several air-cooled models. We also offer several models of high-quality ice storage bins of various capacities!

Undercounter Ice Maker Machines

Undercounter ice maker machines are a popular type of ice maker that combine an ice machine head with a built-in storage bin to form one convenient, compact machine. Most undercounter ice maker machines are designed to fit under standard 40-inch counters, and the average model produces around 350 pounds of ice per day. As a result of their convenient size and production capacity, undercounter ice machines are often the best choice for restaurants, bars, and hotels.

At Cool Breeze Ice Machines we offer a diverse array of Manitowoc undercounter ice machines with different production and storage capacities. Our best models can produce nearly 300 pounds of ice per day and store up to 120 pounds at once!

Countertop Ice Maker Machines

Countertop ice maker machines are smaller ice machines that are designed to fit on countertops. They’re perfect for domestic use and for smaller businesses that don’t have the floor space available for an undercounter ice maker machine or an ice storage bin. Most countertop ice makers also dispense water and feature built-in ice storage bins. The best countertop ice maker machine models can produce up to 400 pounds of ice a day. They’re an ideal choice for coffee shops, diners, and bars, establishments that typically don’t have much floor space available.

Ice Machine Compressor Type

Choosing an ice maker machine with the right type of compressor is another essential factor to consider when choosing an ice maker for your home or business. Ice makers are designed to use one of three primary types of compressors: air cooled, water cooled, and remote cooled.

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Air Cooled Compressor

Ice maker machines with air cooled compressors are your best bet financially, as they do not require extra water to cool down. Instead, they use the ambient air in the room to cool themselves down. They do, however, require a minimum of six inches of clearance around their air intake and discharge vents to function properly.

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Water Cooled Compressor

Water cooled ice machines are an ideal fit for smaller spaces where there isn’t enough clearance for an air cooled model to work. Ice maker machines with water cooled compressors connect to your existing plumbing, and are also a good choice if the area in which you would otherwise put an air cooled model has an ambient air temperature greater than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, or in which the air is filled with dust or other contaminants.

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Remote Cooled Compressor

Remote cooled compressors operate differently than the other two types of ice maker compressors. Ice maker machines with remote cooled compressors feature air cooled compressors that are independent of the rest of the ice maker machine, which are typically mounted outdoors on the roof or on an exterior wall. Ice makers with remote cooled compressors are less common and are typically only used in environments where neither air or water cooled ice maker models are possible.

What Kind of Ice Is Best For You?

There are several different types of ice cubes, but for the sake of practicality, we’ll only be discussing the types of ice produced by the Manitowoc ice maker machines we offer here at Cool Breeze Ice Machines.

Full Cube

Full ice cubes are the classic ice cube everyone thinks of when they think of ice. It’s used in retail sales, in soft drinks and mixed drinks, and in most ice dispensers. Full cubes come in a pleasing uniform shape and provide maximum cooling, getting you and your customers the most bang for their buck.

Half Cube

Half cubes are half the size of full cubes and can be used in a wide variety of applications. They melt slightly more quickly than full cubes and also provide the maximum cooling possible.

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice are small, soft, bite-sized pieces of ice that melt quickly, are easy to chew, and absorb the flavors of whatever drink they’re placed in. They’re perfect for bars and restaurants, particularly at businesses that serve a lot of blended drinks, as nugget ice blends the best of any type of ice short of flake ice (the snow-like kind of ice that snow cones are made of).

Gourmet Ice

Gourmet ice is a unique, solid kind of ice that’s typically octagonally or cylindrically shaped. Gourmet ice is known for keeping drinks cool without watering them down. Due to their unique, ornate shape, gourmet ice is most often used at upscale restaurants and bars to enhance the appearance of their high-end drinks.

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