Manitowoc D-970 Ice Bin

W 48” D 34” H 50”
W 121.9 D 86.4 H 127.0 cm
  • Application Capacity: 882 lbs / 400 kg
  • 2017 AHRI Storage Capacity lbs./kg.: 710/322
  • 2018 AHRI Capacity Cu Ft/CU M: 29.7 /.84
  • Shipping Weight: 150 lbs / 68 kg
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Say hello to the biggest and baddest ice storage bin out there!

  • Stores up to 882 pounds of ice
  • Foam-insulated door reduces sweat and keeps ice longer
  • Self-latching door won’t close on you while you scoop
  • Built-in scoop holder

 The D-970 Ice Storage Bin offers more capacity than almost any other ice storage bin on the market, with the ability to hold up to 882 pounds of ice. The D-970 also comes with safety- and quality-control features to keep you safe and your ice fresh. The foam-insulated door reduces sweat and self-latches when opened, keeping users safe as they scoop ice. The D-970 also has a built-in scoop holder and comes with a scoop, so you can ensure your ice stays clean and you never have to root through the ice for the handle of your scoop. Order the D-970 Ice Storage Bin today for enhanced ice storage safety and capacity.