NEO® 240 Undercounter Ice Machine

W 26” D 28” H 38.5”

*219lbs/99 kg daily at 70/50°F
*160lbs/73 kg daily at 90/70°F
  • Ice Type: dice
  • Cooling: air
  • Electrical:  115v/60Hz/1
  • Shipping Weight: 157 lbs / 72kg
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Enjoy the ultimate in compact, efficient ice production with the NEO® 240 Undercounter Ice Machine!

  • Can produce up to 220 pounds of ice per day in dice form
  • Built-in storage bin can hold up to 90 pounds of ice
  • Forward-sliding storage bin makes maintenance easier
  • Uses less water and energy than traditional models

Your kitchen needs more ice, but you don’t have room for a bigger machine. What do you do? You order the compact powerhouse that is the NEO® 240 Undercounter Ice Machine, of course! The NEO® 240 gives your kitchen a beastly combo: an ice machine capable of producing up to 220 pounds of ice a day and an ice storage bin that can store up to 90 pounds of ice at a time, all within a 26” x “38.5” frame that fits under most counters. The NEO® 240 comes with an intelligent digital display that gives you a variety of feedback and functionality, including bin and service indicators and a delayed start option that works well for slow days and times that you’re closed. The NEO® 240 also has a forward-sliding door that makes it easy to access the refrigeration components of the ice making machine for maintenance. The NEO provides this compact, intelligent power while consuming fewer resources than the average ice making machine. Order today to enhance the efficiency of your kitchen.